"Sophisticated" blasts the high gloss off the Glamour Era of Hollywood, and gives us a rare look behind the "iconic old Hollywood curtain." This is the untold, true story of the wildly unique and unstoppable, Dorothy Arzner, the dame, who rose to success against all odds in the man's world of directing. Her story is not without drama, on screen and off.

  • Dalliances with rising stars and older women
  • Escapades at private clubs and secluded garden parties, the peril of industry
  • A fiery affair with Joan Crawford
  • A tumultuous passion for choreographer, Marion Morgan
  • Credited with Directing 16 feature films made during an era when filmmaking was only a man's world

In the top 300 directors listed on IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) today, only 16 are women.

Composed with high humor and swanky style, "Sophisticated," written by Marilyn Freeman, portrays Arzner's rise and fall in Hollywood. Anchored in the progressive facts of Arzner's professional life, the story unfolds through her private life. These conspire to reveal a Dorothy Arzner as personally intriguing as she is historically notable. Arzner had a thirst for great filmmaking and a notorious way with women. She was stylishly handsome and dared to be authentic in a world that was not ready for a "Sophisticated" dame like her. The true greatness of Dorothy Arzner lies in her audacity to be true to herself. This film is the inspiring, surprising, never-before-told Hollywood story of Miss Dorothy Arzner.

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About the Producer:

Wendy Haines has enjoyed over 20 successful years in the entertainment industry. Her diverse resume reflects dozens of national credits in the acting realm and she has also enjoyed the role of director on numerous occasions. As an entrepreneur, Wendy founded Illumine Education, where as a trainer and coach, has guided countless individuals in achieving greater levels of success and happiness.

Through her production company, Illumine Entertainment, Ms. Haines stepped out creating the award winning short, Beyond the Bridge. Now, after years of searching for the perfect feature script, she is thrilled to be bringing the amazingly forgotten, passionate and exciting story of Miss Dorothy Arzner to the screen. Ms. Haines goal is to inspire a collaborative effort to write this unsung heroine back into history.

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